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Coffee Clozers heatmap of Tampa, FL

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Using Coffee Clozers, I've been able to quickly validate deals from my agent. I realized quickly that the numbers on several deals didn't add up, potentially saving me from wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm getting real tired of these realtors sending me deals that don’t cash flow."
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Dan W.
I really love what Coffee Clozers is doing in this space. I was trying to buy a house for rental investing and came up with this idea, just when I was trying to build one, came across this. This is wayy better and thought out than what I had in mind. Thanks for doing all the amazing work you are doing and making our lives easier."
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Nikitha S.
That's coffeeclozers! Love this website! Having the heat maps with the ratings is so key when investing virtually. These guys do a great job not just with this but they also give you all the info for rental numbers, comps, they even show you what strategies the properties you are looking at are good for, they include all the numbers and everything is dynamic so you can change it. Its pretty game changing what they are doing."
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Nati N.
So far, this is the best tool I have used yet. I have found other tools that will analyze properties that you manually enter in or import, but this takes it a step further and actually does the search for you too so it is all in one place. Good stuff!"
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Jordan B.

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By combining multiple data sources, we gain the full picture like no other platform.

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Macro & Micro Economics
Provides a comprehensive picture of the area’s potential for growth & stability. This information is valuable to understand the economic context behind property values for a region.
This is crucial to understand the neighborhood’s appeal in convenience and lifestyle beyond simply housing. Essentially, will people want to live here?
Market Data
Live market listings & recently sold data on residential properties provides a current view on market trends and property value estimates.

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