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Heatmaps & Neighborhood grades

Find out how Coffee Clozers heatmaps work.

Understanding neighborhood grades & heatmaps 🗺️

Our heatmaps help you identify A-D neighborhoods in any city nationwide. We determine these scores by combining census data, live listing data, recent neighborhood activity, and available amenities.

Click on any neighborhood to see more details. This will open a side panel with in-depth information about that specific area. These neighborhoods are more granular than zip codes, but data alone may not always capture the full picture, as some neighborhoods can vary significantly from one street to the next. We refresh our data weekly and continuously improve our maps, but please let us know if something doesn’t look right.

See different map layers 🗺

At the top-right of the map, you’ll find a menu with different map layers. This allows you to view heatmaps for specific variables, such as median household income.