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Property Calculator

What we humbly believe is the ✨best✨ property calculator on the internet.

Run the numbers FAST ⚡️

Search for or click on any property to use what we humbly believe is the ✨best✨ property calculator on the internet. You'll find the calculator on the right side of the page.

Strategies ♟️

Along the top you’ll see 4 strategies. The best one for that property will have a “Recommended” badge. Click on any strategy to automatically recalculate the ROI.

Rent 💵

On the Rent tab, we give you a rent estimate. Want another opinion? Click "Show other rent estimates" to see estimates from third-party sources. For multifamily properties and House Hack strategy, the rent estimate is broken down by units, but the total stays the same. Type a different number in the text box to see how your ROI changes.

Purchase 💰

The Purchase tab shows up-front & closing costs. Drag the slider to see how ROI changes, or expand other estimates to see third-party estimates.

Minor Repairs/Rehab & ARV 🔨

This tab changes based on the chosen strategy. Here, you can estimate the cost of fixing up the property.

Monthly costs 💸

This is where you can estimate monthly costs – here you'll find things like recurring costs, operating expenses, and upkeep. Click on the dollar sign ($) to see the number expressed in dollars, or click the percent sign (%) to see it as a percentage estimate.

Holding costs 💸

This tab appears when you select the BRRRR or Fix & Flip strategies. This is to account for holding costs.