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Coffee Clozers: Democratizing Real Estate Investing
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Introducing: Coffee Clozers 3.0

Making Real Estate Investing Accessible

Coffee Clozers empowers everyone to become a real estate investor and achieve financial freedom. They tackle the challenge of finding profitable investment properties in a competitive market.

The Problem: Information Overload and Limited Options

Traditionally, finding good investment properties is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Investors often struggle with limited options in their local market due to low inventory and rising prices. Looking out-of-state adds another layer of complexity; so pinpointing properties with positive cash-flow is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Coffee Clozers to the Rescue

Coffee Clozers uses AI and machine learning to streamline the process. They analyze cities across the US based on potential cash flow, identify promising neighborhoods, and even uncover hidden opportunities like properties with the potential for adding a bedroom.

A Step Ahead of the Competition

Unlike competitors who offer tools requiring manual analysis, Coffee Clozers automates everything. They rank entire cities, pinpoint ideal neighborhoods within those cities, calculate property ROI, and prioritize the most promising opportunities. This reduces the overwhelming number of possibilities to a manageable list.

From Frustration to Innovation: The Birth of Coffee Clozers

Coffee Clozers was born from the frustration of co-founder Ariel Herrera. While working full-time, she aspired to invest in real estate. However, she found the traditional research methods slow and cumbersome. Leveraging her data science expertise, she developed her own "hacks" to find good deals. Coffee Clozers is the next step, automating these successful techniques to make real estate investing accessible to everyone.

Melissa's Story: Early Retirement and Financial Freedom

Melissa, a Coffee Clozers user, is on track to retire early and fulfill her dream of being a stay-at-home mom to her special needs teenagers. Investing in real estate allows her to provide safe, quality housing while building financial security for her family.

The Coffee Clozers Team: Passionate About Empowering Others

Coffee Clozers is powered by a team of three passionate co-founders with diverse skillsets: Liam Maher (CEO) leads development, Ariel Herrera (CTO) brings her data science expertise, and Madalyn Pape (CPO) oversees design.

Together, Coffee Clozers is transforming the real estate investment landscape, making it easier than ever to achieve financial freedom through property ownership.